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Built by Billy Diamond


A bicycle; Actual size=300 pixels wide

Effect: A four drawer filing cabinet is rolled onto the stage and spun around to show all four sides. The drawers are then brought out. Each drawer is shown to be solid and is placed in the cabinet. The back of the cabinet is cut out and has a plexiglass window. The magician slams each drawer shut to show that the drawers are the full length of the cabinet. At this point each drawer is pulled open and your assistant climbs down through an opening in the top of the cabinet. Again the cabinet is turned around to show all sides. The audience can see the assistant through the plexiglass window. A window blind is pulled down. Then one at a time each drawer is slammed shut, thus flattening your assistant. Again the cabinet may be spun around to show all sides.

The ending to the illusion has many possibilities. 1) Your assistant can come out of the cabinet unharmed. 2)She can reappear in the audience. 3) The lock on the cabinet could get stuck and a person in costume could step forward in which to try and unlock it to no avail.....only to reveal that it is the assistant. 4) After flattening her....Each drawer could be opened one at a time, pulling out body parts, each part is placed in a box and magician acts as though he is duct taping her back together, reaching in the box he pulls out the real assistant. The possibilities with this illusion are endless.....AND ORIGINAL!

Can be performed surrounded. This was built from a real heavy duty, 1960's filing cabinet. The drawers are solid. The gimmick can be used for several other illusions. This is a very deceptive looking prop.

Price: $4,500.00 (plus Shipping or Delivery fees)

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A bicycle; Actual size=300 pixels wide


Effect: A large cage is wheeled out on stage. The door is opened and the magician shows the inside to be completely empty. To prove its emptiness even further, he takes a torch and ignites the inside. Flames begin to consume the cage. He pulls a cloth over the cage, spins the cage around, whips the cloth off, and voila.....a lovely assistant appears.

Can be performed surrounded.
The base is made out of Aluminum and packs down for travel.
The cage is constructed of metal and it folds down for travel.
Setup and tear down in 10-15 minutes.
Assistant has total control over the fire and is safe at all times.

Price: $3,379.00 with road case(plus Shipping or Delivery fees)

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If you saw Luis DeMatos do his mirror walk you will love this improved version. The audience clearly sees you through a large plate glass window!

Effect: A large window is wheeled out onto the stage. However, the audience does not know that it is a window at this point. All they see is a window blind that says "CLOSED". The magician explains that he got this from his bank and that it is bulletproof glass. He releases the shade only to reveal two large holes in the glass. He comments that this must be why they were so happy to "loan" it to you at such a low interest rate! The magician states that the loan officer commented that they didn't want the window back (for obvious reasons). So, he tells the audience he thinks this might just work for his house that is under construction and he just so happens to have curtains for it. On top of the framed window, two support bars are swung out and the curtains and rod are placed onto it, decorating the window. A "random" audience member is invited on stage to walk around the window and is encouraged to pound on it and make certain it is solid. Next the magician walks upstage, in back of the window, and places a hand through each of the window holes. He then asks the audience member to handcuff him to the window. After doing so the magician grasps the right side of the curtain and pulls it closed. He repeats this with the left curtain panel so that he is concealed. He then grabs the curtain rod with his handcuffed hands and lowers it, showing that he is still cuffed through the window. He raises the curtain and lowers it once again only to reveal that he has penetrated directly through the window and is still handcuffed.

Price: $4,600.00 (plus Shipping or Delivery fees)



A bicycle; Actual size=300 pixels wide


Effect: A large box is wheeled out on stage and spun around to show all sides. The front panel is made out of a white spandex material. The magician crawls through the spandex panel and into the box. He picks the whole box up and very easily turns it from side to side, lifting it high to show that nothing is in or around it. Still inside, the magician grabs a work light (not included), turns it on, and begins showing the inside of the cabinet to be empty. The only thing the audience see's is his shadow. He then places his right hand into the box and places the light behind it. A shadow of his hand appears on the white spandex. He lifts his hand out of the box and the shadow remains. Switching hands he repeats this until his hands are above the box and mysteriously two shadow hands remain. Next the hands press against the spandex and then a face image.It appears as though a person is materializing right out of his body. Next thing you know, real hands pop through the front and then a head. A girl steps out followed by the magician.

Check out these added features.... Before coming out of the box, the magician lifts it one more time to prove it empty. He comes out of the box, reaches back in through the front and pulls out a small child (in addition to his assistant). Another idea is for the magician to poke his head out throught the top of the front panel, put his hands out the top of the box (stretching them as high as possible) and then slowly his head descends to the very bottom of the box. The illusion has many stretch and shadow possibilities.

This can be performed surrounded (if needed).
Packs down for easy travel.
Fits into a small vehicle.
Sets up and tears down in less than two minutes. A very practical illusion.

Price: $1,250.00 (Buyer pays Shipping or Delivery fees)